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  • User interface

    Clear user interface, no switching between pages. The design area has resize/drag/rotate functionality which works on most devices (including iPad and iPhone!). You can also change fonts and text colors on the fly.
  • Choose a product

    Products are automatically loaded into categories (set in admin panel).
  • Choose a color

    Pick a product color (based on product choice). Comes with optional color surcharges (set in admin panel)
  • Choose amount & sizes

    Based on product choice. "Live" price update. Comes with optional size surcharges (set in admin panel)
  • Add library images

    Add preset graphics to the design area. Administrators can add library images and categories.
  • Upload images

    Upload and add your own images to the design area
  • Add text

    Add text in different fonts and colors to the design area. Fonts can be added in the admin panel.
  • Change side

    When a product has multiple printable sides, you can changes sides here.



  • Add products

    After installation, you will see an extra tab appear in the Product edit area, named 'Product Designer'. In this box, you can choose whether you will add that product to the Product Designer or not.
  • All Designer Products

    You can see a list of every product you've added to the Product Designer. Just click on it to edit it's properties.
  • Add sides

    You can add as many printable sides as you want and they can be different for each product. The sides will also automatically appear in the 'Colors' tab.
  • Set printable area

    After you added a side, you need to set a printable area. This is very easy, just drag your mouse and you'll see a box appear.
  • Add sizes

    Next, you can add multiple sizes. You can charge an extra fee for specific sizes.
  • Add product colors

    If your product can be bought in multiple colors, you can add these colors in this box, with their images.
  • Add printing qualities

    If your product can be printed in different qualities, you can add these qualities in this box. You can charge an extra fee for specific printing qualities.
  • Image library categories

    Customers can add preset library images to the design area on the product. You can set the library categories in which the images are loaded in this box.
  • Add library images

    In this box, you can add the preset library images. If you have many images to upload, you could also use the integrated bulk upload tool.
  • Add fonts

    The Product Designer comes with some preset fonts. You can add unlimited fonts to the Product Designer.
  • View order

    If a product is designed by a customer, you'll see the designed product in the order view page. You can export the design as SVG or PDF.

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