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Advanced Shipping

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Advanced Shipping let's you manage your shipping methods and shipping costs, matrix-based.

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Advanced Shipping


Advanced Shipping has almost unlimited possibilities for you as an administrator to set up your shipping methods and rates.

This module contains the following functions:

  • Add your own shipping groups
  • Connect products to shipping groups
  • Edit your shipping rates and methods from Magento admin
  • Update / add new shipping methods and rates from a CSV file
  • Create differences in available shipping methods and rates, with these available settings (all at once!):
    • Stores
    • Customer Groups
    • Shipping Groups
    • Country
    • City
    • ZIP code from
    • ZIP code to
    • Minimum number of
    • Maximum number of
    • Minimum number of items for a specific product in cart
    • Maximum number of items for a specific product in cart
    • Minimum weight
    • Maximum weight
    • Minimum cart subtotal
    • Maximum cart subtotal
  • Define your own rate and shipping method/title for each matrix row
  • If you have small and big products, it may be the case that your small products can be shipped with your big products without paying extra for it. In that case you don't want to charge your customers for these small products. This is also included in Advanced Shipping
  • It may be the case that you want to show only one specific shipping method, if it's available. This feature is also included and can be set for each matrix row individually.
  • The Advanced Shipping module also has some general settings:
    • Which shipping methods do you want to show?
      • All available methods
      • Just the method with the lowest rate
      • Just the method with the highest rate
    • How to calculate items in the shopping cart?
      • Count every item as a seperate package
      • Count every product only once, regardless the qty in cart

If you have any questions about any of our modules, please contact us.

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