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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you give additional support or do any customizations?

Yes, we offer customization services for our modules. Please get in touch with us by the contact form to get an offer.

When something is not working, will you give support or money back?

Yes. If you encounter any bugs, please let us know and we will solve the problems free of charge. If it still doesn't work for you, we offer 14 days money back guarantee.



How much does the Product Designer cost?

Please have a look at the Product Designer page to see the price and all options.

What are the limitations when I buy a Product Designer?

You may not distribute our software without having paid for it. Please have a look at our Reseller page if you want to become a reseller.

What will I get when I buy a Product Designer?

You will get a complete package which will integrate perfectly in Magento. You just need to copy the files to your server. Refresh your cache and everything will be installed.

Can I use one Product Designer for a range of products or do I need to buy multiple editions?

The Product Designer is suitable for any type of product. We have one edition which suites all product types.

How can I pay for your product?

You can pay with PayPal (including MasterCard and Visa) and iDeal (for Dutch customers). If you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay by bank transfer. Please contact us if you want to pay by bank transfer.

Do you offer the Product Designer as SaaS as well and what do I need to know about it?

We also offer our Product Designer under SaaS. Please contact us if you want to know more about this.



How can I install the Product Designer and can I do it myself?

After you paid for the Product Designer, you will receive a package. This package contains files. You need to copy these files to your server. Next, refresh your Magento Cache and you'll see the Product Designer appear on Please make sure your backup your files and database before installing any extension.

Did you modify any Magento core files?

No. We didn't modify any Magento core file, to prevent problems when you update your Magento installation.

Do you offer installation service and how long will it take to finish the installation?

Yes. We do offer installation service, you can add this before adding an extension to the cart.

Do you have any online demo?

Yes. We have an online frontend demo, as well as a backend demo.



What are the minimum server and hosting requirements?

You'll need a server with PHP5+, MySql5+, PHP GD Enabled. In the next update, we'll add a save and share feature, with which your customers can save their designs to finish it later. They also can share it by Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your server will need to have ImageMagick enabled to support this feature.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. The Product Designer can be installed in your current Magento shop. Please make sure your backup your files and database before installing any extension.



Does the Product Designer work with a Multi-language store?

Yes. The Product Designer comes with an integrated translate tool. It automatically changes it's language to the current store language and fully works with your Magento multi-language store.

Is it possible to change the language of the Product Designer?

Yes, inside the package you'll find a translation file with which you can translate the Product Designer to any language. You also can change the files from the current supported languages.


Product Designer

What is the file output type for printing?

The output file is a high-resolution PDF. You can export it with and without background image. You can also export the file in a SVG format. In the next version, we'll add a feature to export JPG images.

Do I get a white labeled version of your product?

Yes. You don't see a reference to us anywhere.

Does the Product Designer support iPad and iPhone?

Yes. The Product Designer fully support iPad and iPhone. Please have a look at our demo on your iPad or iPhone to see it in action.

What are the costs for any future update?

If you bought a Product Designer, you'll receive an email when we have an update for you. We will charge a small fee when you want to receive the update.

Is it allowed to install the Product Designer on multiple websites?

No. If you want to install the Product Designer on multiple websites, you always need to contact us first. We will give you some discount if you want to buy more then one Product Designer.

Does the Product Designer fully integrate with Magento?

Yes, you don't need any modifications to support the Product Designer.


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